Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 6 - Crested Butte, Colorado

I am officially in love with this charming town!
The town of CB is pretty small and the mountain/ski resort area is just up the hill about a mile. And best of all - bikes everywhere! Especially super-cool cruisers. Not to mention perfect weather, colorful wildflowers and friendly people.

We booked a room at a European style lodge called Cristiana Guesthaus. Our room (The Eiffel) is cozy and cute. My favorite part... no TV!

As we walked around town, I snapped a bunch of pictures of some of the neat little homes.

Apparently, Crested Butte is also the Wildflower Capital of Colorado.

Quite an array of cool bikes too.

A quick stop here.

Cocktail hour in our room.

Then on to dinner at the Powerhouse. A neat restaurant that used to be the power plant for CB. It was so chilly on the walk home we came right into the lobby to make a hot drink. Fireplace was so cozy.

More fun activities planned for tomorrow. Check back then...

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  1. anne, your trip looks like so much fun and the pictures are gorgeous! (esp. in utah :) )
    crested butte is also the hometown of heidi from the mtv show "the hills." (yes, i actually watch that show). she goes home a lot so i've seen how awesome it is on tv. hope to talk to you soon!