Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Design*Sponge recently featured an interview with decorator Ruthie Chapman Sommers. I especially liked her answer to this question...

Design*Sponge: In addition to being an interior designer, decorator, former AMAZING shop owner and author, to name a few, what would you like to conquer next?
Ruthie Chapman Sommers: Well, that is really nice to list everything, but I feel that I am simply a decorator. I am deeply concerned about our wonderful and amazing planet . . . from being able to ski on gorgeous mountains to being able to surf in beautiful waters. Just catching fireflies is a luxury. Aside from the freedoms we have as Americans, we also have visual eye candy everywhere to enjoy. Why we all do not do 1,000% and really sacrifice to protect it is beyond me. We all should be doing everything we can fight to save wildlife that is going to be extinct due to human interference (from gorillas to elephants).
I use as little plastic as possible — from toys to juiceboxes, all are just landfill [waste] (give your child a hose and they will be happy). I edit wherever I can and try not to accumulate stuff. I will never drive another car as long as mine holds up. I choose all sustainable food and don’t eat meat unless I know what farm it came from (for the humane treatment of animals and for the humane treatment of the environment); it bothers me that people care more about where their child goes to preschool than cleaning up the environment or even what is happening to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. I live in Hollywood, so I have a low tolerance for chit-chat when we could be having some amazing intellectual conversation.
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