Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Going Mad.

Quoting Vanity Fair, "AMC’s Mad Men is the most stylish—and perhaps best—show on television."

At its core Mad Men is a moving and sometimes profound meditation on the deceptive allure of surface, and on the deeper mysteries of identity. The dialogue is almost invariably witty, but the silences, of which there are many, speak loudest:Mad Men is a series in which an episode’s most memorable scene can be a single shot of a woman at the end of her day, rubbing the sore shoulder where a bra strap has been digging in. There’s really nothing else like it on television.

R and I (well, mostly I) are officially obsessed with this show.

Today was the debut of the Casting Call at the Banana Republic stores. I dashed over to the mall on my lunch break to see the new window displays in person. Perfect Mad Men style.

Photos are a bit fuzzy but hopefully you can make out some of the details.

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