Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Update

Summer weekends are slowly feeling more like fall. We had a wonderful weekend...

Friday night we drove to the Branson Landing for a fantastic show by Big Smith! I'll post a few pictures soon.

Saturday was pretty relaxing. I did chores around the house while R worked at the bike shop. Hiked at the Nature Center in the afternoon with the girls. Hi Rhiannon :)
That night we had pizza and wine with friends. The cool evening forced us indoors.

Sunday was spent with my parents. They came down to go to church with me and do some shopping since R was out of town racing. A delicious brunch at Hemigways too.

Busy week ahead. R will turn 27 on Wednesday so we'll be celebrating a few nights this week.


  1. That was so fun walking at the nature inspired me to really start working out. I went to a group strength class on Monday night and Boot camp class last night! Have you ever walked on the frisco trail? I think it goes from Springfield to Willard....maybe we should walk on it sometime...Let me know
    P.S. Love your blog!

  2. I had to sign in to post a comment so I used my google just ignore my blog because I only made like 2 entries and then never did it again! Maybe someday....I just feel weird writing about nothing!