Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Update :: Enjoying the Weather

This weekend was spent outside!  Sunshine and warm temps! Thanks goodness Spring is almost here.

Friday night I headed outside to walk before the sun set.  That night we made individual gourmet sandwiches at home.  A big loaf of whole wheat bread and lots of yummy toppings: pesto, eggplant, sprouts, spinach, etc.  We also watched an old favorite: Down with Love

Saturday morning I was up early to get the chores out of my way.  Then a nice walk outside to meet friends for lunch at Tea Bar.  That evening we went to the A&B customer appreciation party.  A fun night out with good margaritas and Art Bentley!

Sunday morning we were up and out the door.  We drove to Tulsa for a bike race.  It was a good course right on a pretty lake.  I got to walk around and enjoy the views while R raced.  

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