Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Update :: Time in the Saddle

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As my husband would say, this weekend was spent in the (bike) saddle! And thankfully the weather was perfect for just that.

Friday morning I rode my bike to work instead of the usual 15 minute commute by car. It was so nice to get out early and enjoy the cool morning. The ride home was just as nice.  That evening we ate a quick dinner then went to the bike shop for some last minute items.

Saturday we were up early again. Headed to the St. John's Nixa bike ride. Started the ride at 7am and R and I both rode about 50 miles each. It was a personal record for me. Very fun but exhausting! That afternoon we ran errands and caught a quick nap before a great dinner at Bambinos!

Sunday morning I went to church. After lunch we checked out an estate auction in our neighborhood.  That afternoon we met a friend at the Sac River trail. We rode for about an hour and enjoyed the pretty scenery.

Gearin' up for the week ahead! Luckily Memorial Day is almost here. Hope you have a great week!

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