Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Update :: Fall is Cozy

It officially feels like Fall now. The temps dropped this weekend and the leaves are starting to change. I supposed that's ok. It does feel awfully cozy this time of year.

Friday night I met a friend for a quick walk at Phelps Grove park. For dinner we baked a homemade calzone with spinach (for me) and olives (for him). I finished the most excellent book before heading to bed. A full review will be posted soon.

Saturday morning I met with my running group to get some miles in. I reached my goal of 2.5 miles for the day. We visited the Farmers Market afterwards. So much great produce right now! Mums, pumpkins and gourds are out too. That afternoon we worked outside in the yard and such. For dinner we met R's family at Arris's pizza.

Sunday morning R left early for a mt bike race. I headed to church then braved the crowds at the grocery store, ugh. After lunch I met a friend for a nice bike ride. The weather was perfect for cruising around.

Later that afternoon I watched "Julie & Julia" while folding laundry. If you haven't seem this film, I would highly recommend doing so. It is adorable and very well done. I was so inspired that I quickly baked up a batch of pumpkin oatmeal cookies. Yum!

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