Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Update :: Fall is Fun part II

I have already used this title once, so consider this post part two! We've had such beautiful weather and fun activities. Here's a roundup from this weekend.

Friday night was pretty chill. We ate chili for dinner then headed down to Commercial Street to walk around. I wanted to visit the grand opening of Red Velvet. Such a neat store! There are quite a few new places down there. I would suggest Big Momma's for a good sandwich, The Pizza House for handmade delicious pizza and Red Velvet for some fun shopping!

Saturday morning I was up early for the last session of my running class. It has been so much fun! A quick stop at the Farmers Market before heading home. That afternoon we ran errands and worked around the house. For dinner, we met R's family at Bambino's. Another local favorite.

Sunday was another beautiful fall day. I went to church while R rode with his teammates. After lunch we headed out on our own bike ride. We rode out east and saw lots of pretty fall foliage. After a few chores at home we met R's parents for dinner and passed out candy to trick or treaters.

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