Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Update :: Jam Packed, Fun Filled, Part II

Another fun weekend with family and friends!

Friday morning we got to meet my brother's new baby girl! Such an exciting occasion! We hung out, had some lunch and talked about our family's newest addition. That evening we had dinner with R's parents followed by a few rounds of Rummikub.

Saturday morning R dropped me off at my TRX class so I could run home afterwards. We did some work around the house before heading to a graduation party. Also a quick stop to visit the baby again. After the party we headed downtown to see Big Smith and Hat Trick at Patton Alley Pub. We also wanted to try the newly debuted Mother's Brewing Co beer. A fun day all around!

Sunday morning we slept in and crossed a few tasks off our list. After lunch we headed out for bike rides with friends. Despite the windy conditions, we rode a little more than 30 miles. That evening we celebrated a birthday with R's family at Cheddar's.

Hopefully a sunny week ahead!

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