Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eat Local Challenge

I strongly believe in supporting local businesses and restaurants. Especially in these economic times. I just read this post about eating local.

There are very few chain restuarants that R and I like to visit.
So here's my list of top local restaurants sorted by category:

Fine Dining - Touch

Steak House - Flame

Casual dining with upscale food - Mille's Cafe

Pizza - The Pizza House (thin crust) or D'Arpinos (hand tossed)

Cashew chicken - 5 Spice

Sushi - Umi

Sandwiches - Sub Shop

Cafe - Tea Bar & Bites

Italian - Bambino's

Extras - Lunch buffet at Gem of India & Hummus from Riad

What are your favorites? Any other recommendations?

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