Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Update :: End of April

pretty branches near our house

Can you believe May is already here?! The month of April just flew by. 

Friday night was very relaxing. Ate some dinner at home and took a nice walk afterwards.  R watched a movie while I read a new book.

Saturday morning R headed off to a bike event and I met a friend for another nice walk (about five miles!). The afternoon was spent playing with our friend's little girl and a quick trip to Mama Jeans.  After dinner we ran a few more errands and stocked up on groceries. 

Sunday was an extremely productive day! Laundry, cleaning, yard work, planted tomatoes, wash and waxed the cars, bike ride and more. It was nice to see the sun come out in the afternoon.

Looking forward to a nice sunny week! 

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