Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Update :: A Warm One

After all of the snow and cold temperatures, this weekend's warming trend was much appreciated! Starting on Friday there was lots of sunshine and it makes for a fun weekend.

Friday evening we collected some odds and ends from Mama Jean's before dinner. Then R made a delicious sage butter sauce and served it over gnocchi. Afterwards we watched a movie and went to bed early.

Saturday morning I was up early and in the kitchen. After a few projects I cleaned up and headed out for a nice long walk outside. That evening we met R's parents for dinner then went to the store for a big grocery run.

Sunday morning R made delicious waffles for breakfast. That afternoon I knocked out a big 10 mile run. It was very warm for the middle of February! Especially with the snow still lingering around. Afterwards I lounged around with some good eats, a movie and even started a new book before bed.

Hope this great weather sticks around 'till Spring!

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