Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Update :: Get Connected

BFF's from High School

It was a great weekend despite the winter winter that returned.

Friday night I reconnected with the pool at St. John's Fitness Center. It was a great workout and also fun to splash around while it rained outside. R was busy after dinner so I relaxed with a girl-y movie, some red wine and a red velvet cupcake!

Saturday I reconnected with my sore hamstrings at a Pilates/Yoga class at Balance Fitness. The warm and cozy studio was welcoming from the cold, dreary morning. Afterwards I drove to the lake to reconnect with my good friends from high school. We had a great time catching up and fussing over the new baby. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent connecting with my family.

Sunday morning I was up early for a 9 mile run. It was slightly cool but tons of beautiful sunshine! That afternoon I did some chores and worked around the house. Also spent some time connecting with the couch and a good book! Later that night we went to R's parents' for dinner and tax work.

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