Monday, June 27, 2011

What I'm Reading :: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

by Donald Miller who also authored Blue Like Jazz. "How one man found meaning and direction."

This book is about your life and what kind of story you are telling. It forced me to examine my own life and what is important to me.

A few excerpts from the book:

An epic story contains two key elements. "You can ask people to name their favorite movies, and those two elements will be in almost all of them."
  1. The main character must want something that is very difficult to attain.
  1. The ambition for attaining this thing must be sacrificial 

The beauty of the inlet was nearly that of Peru, and I wondered at all this exposition God had created, as though it were an invitation to an epic so grand it might match the scenery. The mountains themselves call us into greater stories, I thought.

An answer in response to: Is there on true love for every person? She said no. She had married a guy, and he was just a guy. He wasn't going to make all of her problems go away, because he was just a guy. And that freed her to really love him as a guy, not as an ultimate problem solver. They were simply content to have good company through life's conflicts.

It's interesting that in the Bible, in the book of Ecclesiastes, the only practical advice given about living a meaningful life is to find a job you like, enjoy your marriage and obey God. It's as though God is saying, Write a good story, take somebody with you and let me help. 

I also enjoy Don's blog. You can find it here: donmilleris

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