Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Update :: All Around Town

Another fun summer weekend! Plenty of fun things to do despite the hot temps.

Friday night we met friends for a sushi dinner at Umi. Afterwards we ran some errands and got some DQ for dessert.

Saturday morning we were up early for a run and a bike ride. Breakfast for each of us was a great big smoothie (see recipe here). After some chores around the house we drove out to Lake Lindenlure to hang out in the cool water. We ate dinner at home and watched Invictus afterwards. I really liked this movie. Morgan Freeman played Nelson Mandela very well.

Sunday morning was similar to Saturday - early morning exercise followed by smoothies for breakfast. We headed to church then came home again for lunch. After relaxing and reading a bit we walked over to the Springfield Art Museum. There is a great watercolor exhibition right now that is definitely worth seeing. Plus it's cool and slightly dark inside the museum. Perfect for a hot afternoon.

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