Thursday, July 15, 2010

Neighborhood Spendonomics

I like to support local businesses and restaurants. The article below provides even more incentive to shop locally! I especially like #2. Consider these three things when making your next purchase:
  1. Who am I supporting with this money? 
    The cash you spend goes back into the system created that item or service: the overhead, the equipment, the marketing.
  2. Will my money benefit my community?
    Buying from a local business means that you're partly funding the payroll, sales and property taxes that then enrich your community's schools, libraries, and roads. Buy from local farms and you support the new and thriving alternative food economy.
  3. What am I getting out of this purchase?  Sometimes we consume simply because we think we should, without considering the true satisfaction quotient of what we're buying. Higher quality goods may cost more but they have often greater benefits. Repeated studies have shown that money spent on living life, not having stuff, is what makes us happiest.
Article by Tara Gentile aka Scoutie Girl about Neighborhood Spendonomics (see full version here).

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